Learning centres

In addition to advocacy and support work, we also create local programs, learning centers, and micro schools. Sometimes we partner with others outside WLN and sometimes we create a new program if we see a need and believe in the idea.

We see these learning environments as the application of what we believe and promote. We are forever engaged in a process of learning, reflecting, and applying the latest research in each program.

Plus our own children attend these programs, so our hearts and minds are fully aligned.

Learning in the Woods

Learning in the Woods was our first program and it runs successfully today under the thoughtful direction of Tanya Collins Appleton. Learning in the Woods offers a taste of what self-directed education is like through recreational programs, summer camps, PA Day camps, special events, and workshops for learners of all ages.

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City School and Self-Directed Education Center

City School and Self-Directed Education Center offers multi-age learning options for families in Hamilton.  Learning happens within the context of the city and offerings from our community.  Participants have the freedom to choose how they spend their time and who they spend it with.

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The Barn School

We hope that The Barn School will serve as a social hub for our learning community with classes and workshops offered for families and by families outside of our traditional school hours.

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