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We Learn Naturally is a diverse collective of individuals – we are researchers and professionals united by our passion for children’s rights and youth allyship. Dedicated to our youth empowerment work, we use this space to play with ideas, challenge one another, and share our learning and discoveries with you.


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08 Sep 2018

WLN Conference

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16 Sep 2018

Weekend in the Woods workshop

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I have been looking for a place where I can just do what I am excited to do without anyone trying to change my ideas. I want to be myself and not have to worry about being marked. I just want to be happy.


– KGC, learner

We are thrilled to have finally found an educational program that embraces our daughter’s propensity for free movement and exploration. The Barn School has become an extension of our family, as it fosters a loving, supportive and respectful environment, full of unique opportunities that allow my daughter to unearth her inner self and willingly express who she is.

-Liz, parent

The fact that I get to spend my time helping others in their path of learning and self-discovery is such a gift. The more involved I am in We Learn Naturally programs, the more I grow as a person


– EF, facilitator

I appreciate that We Learn Naturally is building a community of like-minded people. I am new to Hamilton and it is nice to know that this community of people exists West of Toronto.


– CS

Recent reflections

Endless Summer

What would a life of endless summer look like? Join me as I wonder aloud! – Erin

RIP Baby Bird by Danielle Onward

In this blog, Danielle explains how her unschooling family explored the topic of death in ways that were child-directed and open.

“My eldest tried to figure out how it died. We noticed a while ago that we have a nest on the peak of our roof. “Maybe it fell off our roof?”. Middle kid replied, “No, it’s not splattered. It would have splatted if it fell from the roof”. I suggested, “Maybe it tried to fly from the roof, and it’s wings carried it for a moment and then gave out. Maybe it had a non-splattery fall from the roof.””

She also shares a book that helped her children reflect on their experience further.

“Well, is Your House Clean?” – How Not Taking This Question Personally Taught Me a Lesson About Judging Others By Chelsea Bohnert

“I feel equal parts saddened and sorry to admit that rather than offering a helping hand or a kind word, I too at times, have been guilty of casting judgements based on my own assumptions about how other women (or anyone for that matter) ought to live.” In this blog post, Chelsea shares how she moved through her hurt feelings to understanding and then inspiration when she was on the receiving end of a comment from a loved one.

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