Comparing Homeschooling in Ontario, in Canada, and Around the World with Laurel Nunes

In this podcast, Erin gets a chance to chat to Laurel Nunes from the Canadian Center for Home Education. The conversation meanders through different comparisons of homeschooling and really has a positive feel about the potential and growth of learning at home around the world. We start with a look at Canada and discuss England and the Philippines in a bit of detail.  

Here are some links for today’s podcast that listeners might find helpful.  A big thank you to Laurel for providing these links!


The Global Homeschool Conference in the Philippines in 2020


Laurel referenced the 29% increase in Homeschooling over a 6-year period in Canada. This was from the Fraser Institute.

Fraser Institute: Home Schooling in Canada: The Current Picture 2015 edition


Laurel also referenced this study which outlines the reasons why families choose to homeschool in PQ. Professor Christine Brabant- Home Education in Québec: Family First  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09500790308668296?journalCode=revr20

and in a follow-up email, Laurel also suggested we include this link which outlines the reasons family may choose to homeschool in Switzerland.


Laurel also recommends this video;


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