I’m Taryn and I go to forest school. At forest school we go on hikes and play in the woods. The thing I most like to do there is climb trees and build forts. There are many other fun things you can do there also though. You can look for frogs and toads by the stream and you can also play all kinds of games like tag and hide ‘n go seek. Another thing I like about forest school is that I get to play with lots of kids around my age. I had a wonderful time this year at forest school. Me and my friends found salamanders and even some baby crayfish in the stream. I also think that the instructers are very friendly and helpful. This year we built a small zipline down the hill. I think forest school is the place for kids who love the outdoors.
Taryn hopes to be a marine biologist one day.  She also loves reading and writing fictional books, crafts, and she is a competitive swimmer.  Thanks for the post Taryn!

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